Our Superintendent

Welcome to the Hesperia Unified School District. We are committed to ensuring ALL students receive the best education possible to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world. This does not just mean being literate and graduating from high school, but acquiring deep levels of learning and the skills necessary to be successful in an increasingly complex world. We want all of our students to graduate from our schools with many opportunities to fulfill their goals and thrive, whether they decide to pursue college, the military, employment, or other endeavors. No matter what our students decide when they graduate, they will need the skills to continue learning in order to be successful in anything they choose. We want our students to be individuals of character and integrity, and to be contributing members of our community.

To that end, Hesperia Unified School District strives to provide the most innovative learning environments for our students to develop critical thinking and communication skills, be able to collaborate effectively, and to be creative in their approach to learning. To succeed in this most important goal of preparing our students for their future, we all need to work together.

Thank you for entrusting your children with us for their educational needs. We look forward to working with you.

David Olney, Superintendent