Annual Notification of Pesticide Use

August 2019

The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 requires all California school districts to notify parents and guardians of pesticides they expect to apply during the year. In keeping with this state requirement, we are notifying you of the pesticides we may use in your school.

Certain individuals may have conditions that may be aggravated by the use of these materials. As a result, your school will establish a list of parents or guardians who want to be notified of any pesticide application in advance.

To be placed on this notification list, call your school’s office by August 30th and tell them to place you on the pesticide notification list. The school will then notify you in advance of any scheduled pesticide applications.

No pesticides will be applied in eating areas or in classrooms. It is our intent to not expose students to any pesticide at any time. Most applications will be conducted on weekends or after school hours where the pesticide will dissipate overnight. Prior to applying pesticides, alternative measures will be considered, such as improving cleanliness of areas and removing other sources that may attract pests.

Attached is a list of chemicals that may be applied at your school during the year. You can find more information regarding these pesticides and pesticide use reduction at the Department of Pesticide Regulation’s website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Allan Hawley at 760-244-0502 Ext. 7816.

List of Chemicals & Herbicides

Pesticide Name EPA REG #
Advion Ant Gel 100-1498
Advion Cockroach Gel 100-1484
Bifen I/T 53883-118
Essentria IC FIFRA 25(b) exempt
InVict AB 73079-11
InVict Gold 73079-10
Talstar P 279-3206
Taurus SC 53883-279
Herbicide Name EPA REG #
Princep Liquid 100-526
Gly Star Pro 42750-61
Mecomec 2.5 33955-483-2217
Primera Razor Pro 228-366
Turflon Ester 17545-8

For your printing convenience, the annual pesticide notice can be downloaded as a PDF: 
English version.
Spanish version.