Volunteer Information

Parent Involvement

Parental support and involvement in a child’s education is an essential element for improving academic achievement. Studies have shown that parental direction, interest, and participation in a student’s educational development affects performance, attitudes, and school success. HUSD can provide many opportunities for learning, but parent and family support is irreplaceable. There is no substitute for encouragement, approval, and love that parents give to their children.

Process for School Volunteer Approval (Outlined in BP/AR 1240)
  • Complete a request to volunteer form provided by the school site.
    • Volunteer information provided will be cleared and verified through the Department of Justice’s Megan’s Law website.
  • Receive school principal approval.
  • Receive Board of Education approval.
  • Volunteers must adhere to the school site Dress Code.
  • Volunteers must sign-in and sign-out in the front office.
  • After signing in, volunteers will receive a visitor’s pass that must be visibly worn while on campus.
  • We ask that volunteers leave “non-student” children at home. It can create too many distractions in the classroom.

Volunteer Form – Eng (PDF)
Volunteer Form – Span (PDF)