In 2000 a lawsuit was filed in San Francisco County Superior Court against the State of California and state education agencies, including the California Department of Education (CDE). The basis of the lawsuit was that the agencies failed to provide public school students with equal access to instructional materials, safe and decent school facilities, and qualified teachers.

The case was settled in 2004 and is known as the Williams Settlement. As a result of the Williams case, legislation was enacted that called for county superintendents to annually visit decide 1-3 schools to ensure their compliance with the Williams Legislation and also to report annually to the district governing board, the county board of education and the county board of supervisors on the status of those schools.

Fundamentally, there should be no disparity in the adequacy of textbooks, housing, and staffing for California’s public school students. San Bernardino County Schools staff work collaboratively with Hesperia Unified School District to assure that students and schools receive the necessary resources to achieve its mission of educating all children.

Williams Report (PDF)
Williams Fact Sheet (PDF)


Hesperia Unified 's commitment to Parents/Guardians/Pupils/Teachers:

  • We will supply sufficient textbooks in the core academic areas.

  • We will keep our schools clean, safe and in good repair.

  • There should be no teacher vacancies or mis assignments as defined in Education Code 35186(h).

The Governing Board of the Hesperia Unified School District recognizes that the District has the primary responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing educational programs.

We will supply sufficient textbooks and instructional materials in the core academic areas as defined in Education Code 35186(1). Sufficient textbooks and instructional materials means each pupil, including English learners, must have a textbook or instructional materials, or both, to use in the classroom or take home.We will keep our schools clean, safe and in good repair as defined in Education Code 35186(h). There should be no teacher vacancies or mis assignments as defined in Education Code 35186(h).

We encourage early resolution of complaints whenever possible. If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to sufficient textbooks and instructional materials, the cleanliness, safety, or good repair of the school, or teacher vacancies or missassigments please contact your student’s principal as a first step. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact our Administration & Educational Support Center at (760) 244-4411, extension 7233. You may also fill out a Williams complaint form, downloadable below.

E 1312.4 - Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures - Eng (PDF)

Please contact us for the Spanish Form.