Immunization Reminder Banner

Students entering 7th grade, must show verification of Tdap and 2 Varicella immunizations prior to the start of next school year (CA Health & Safety Code 120325-120375). 


If your child has not received either of these vaccines and you have health insurance, please contact your doctor to make an appointment.  If you do not have health insurance, you can contact San Bernardino County Public Health Department at (800) 722-4777 to schedule an appointment.


Parents can drop off verification of immunization at your school health office when it re-open at the end of July or email copies of the immunizations to Please make sure to include your student’s name, birthdate, and school that he/she will be attending. Please ensure the student’s name is visible on the immunization card. 


Effective January 2016, California law no longer allows personal or religious waivers for immunizations. Contact your child’s physician or the District Nurse at (760)244-4411, ext. 7279 if you have additional questions.