12/15/21 CDPH Mask Update

On 12/13/21 the California Department of Public Health announced that they are changing the state-wide mask guidance effective 12/15/21 - 1/15/22.  The new CDPH Guidance for Use of Face Coverings requires masking for all, regardless of vaccination status, when in an indoor public setting.  Given the extremely short notice, Hesperia Unified School District was given to react to this new order the District can only provide preliminary guidance at this time.  As such, effective 12/15/21 - 1/15/22 HUSD is compelled by state law to adhere to the CDPH requirement of requiring masks for all, regardless of vaccination status, when in indoor public areas with the exceptions, per CDPH guidance, listed below.  Furthermore, HUSD currently defines an “indoor public setting” as a completely enclosed indoor area where increased social distancing between household members cannot be practicably maintained.  To voice concerns, complaints, and/or to get more information regarding the CDPH mask requirement please contact the California Department of Public Health (916) 558-1784, PO Box 997377, MS 0500 Sacramento, CA 95899-7377 or https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Pages/contact_us.aspx

Exceptions to the CDPH indoor mask requirement:

  1. Persons younger than two years old. Source: CDPH Mask Guidance

  2. Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a mask. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a mask could obstruct breathing or who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a mask without assistance.   Source: CDPH Mask Guidance

  3. Persons who are hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.   Source: CDPH Mask Guidance

  4. Persons for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to the person related to their work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines.   Source: CDPH Mask Guidance

  5. In situations where a face covering cannot be used for pedagogical or developmental reasons, (e.g., communicating or assisting young children or those with special needs) a face shield with a drape (per CDPH guidelines) can be used instead of a face covering while in the classroom as long as the wearer maintains physical distance from others. Source: CDPH Guidance for Schools 21-22

  6. Anyone actively eating or drinking.   Source: CDPH Mask Guidance

  7. Student-athletes actively engaged in indoor practice, play, and/or rigorous activity.   Source: CDPH Guidance for Schools 21-22

  8. Student band members/performers actively performing while indoors when their instrument cannot be properly played with a traditional mask on.  Bell covers must be utilized for wind instruments.  Social distancing of 3ft must be maintained between maskless performers.    Source: CDPH Guidance for Schools 21-22

Note:    Self and/or guardian attestation will be accepted as verification of the masking exceptions listed above except for medical exceptions for students and/or staff where medical documentation may be required.